Profile of Val Glover-Hovan



Val Glover-Hovan has been in the BEAUTY, COSMETICS and IMAGE industry since 1975. The mid 1970’s saw the opening of her Beauty Salon, Beauty Business, in Manly, Sydney.  It was highly successful, with an excellent reputation offering new and innovative, as well as traditional, Beauty Treatments. Throughout her career, Val supported the Beauty Apprenticeship Training regime and trained many successful Beauty Therapists.  Beauty Business was sold in 1990. In 1983 the company Image Reflections Australia was launched.  Val introduced the Four Seasons 'Colour Analysis', Face and Body Makeovers to the Beauty Industry, improving people's Image and Colour selections to match clothing, hair, makeup and accessories with skin tones. This concept gave many Beauty Therapists a huge financial boost to their existing business doing image makeovers and retailing high volumes of makeup.  Image Reflections Australia manufactures and continues to distribute Colour Analysis Kits, Swatch Packets and Four Season Display Boards.



Val’s career took a new turn, when in 1985 she pioneered Cosmetic Tattoo treatments in Australia. After having attended an introductory presentation at an Expo in France, Val went on to train with Ming Ming Chen. The original procedure of Cosmetic Tattoo was based on the manual method with a needle inserted into a bamboo stick held tightly together with cotton. The treatments were an immediate success with people from all walks of life, desiring a more permanent make up look. 

Rotary Machines for Cosmetic Tattoo procedures were introduced around 1980, with most of the equipment and products coming in from Asia.  Today, improved technology and strict Health Regulations have transformed the entire Cosmetic Tattoo industry. The Machines, Rotary, Digital and Coil, are now being manufactured to a recognised standard, all with disposable attachments.  The Universal 2000 Rotary pen style machine, used by Val and distributed by Cosmetic Tattoo Australia, comes under this category. Similarly, pigments and the range of colours in the past were simply not good enough. Today, most of the pigments are manufactured in the United States, offering a huge range of colours for all skin, lip and hair colours. Leading manufacturers today pay special attention to World Health Regulations. 

In Australia, Cosmetic Tattoo Australia is the exclusive distributor of Cleo Colours and Derma-Medical pigments. These leading USA companies supply pre-mixed colours to Practitioners throughout the world.  Included in their range of pigments are colours for Scar Camouflage and Nipple/Areola Re-colouring. Cosmetic Tattoo Australia is the largest distributor in Australia of Cosmetic Tattoo products.







Val began the first Australian Cosmetic Tattoo Training Academy and continues to train those wanting to learn this art.  Despite the many students in Australia, New Zealand and America wanting to be trained by Val, the classes are kept small, with no more than two people to a course. The reason for having such small classes is to ensure that each student is supervised and receives quality education and guidance.

Val’s opinion is regularly sought after by practitioners, and she provides ongoing support and assistance to those working professionally. Val is a recognized and approved Cosmetic Tattoo trainer worldwide and has trained hundreds of people who have gone on to run their own successful businesses. Her Internship program was developed in 2000, offering further ‘on the job’ training to improve and advance the skills and knowledge of Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioners. It is only offered to practitioners who have the passion, qualities and ability required to develop their skills. The course requires the interns to do 500 hours of practical hands on treatments, as well as sitting a final exam. 

Val has been an active member and Trainer of the two leading Australian Beauty Associations; the Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia (APAA) and the Advanced Association of Beauty Therapists of Australia (AABTh), serving on the committee of both Associations for many years in several capacities. Her penchant for learning and a continual desire to enhance her skills as a Beauty Therapist motivated Val to attend educational congresses in Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and the United States of America. In her constant effort to enhance the Cosmetic Tattoo industry to professional status, Val has worked with the Beauty and Cosmetic Tattoo Associations to put into place a Cosmetic Tattoo Certification Scheme, Accreditation exam and Trainer's Guidelines.



Through her membership with Cosmetic Tattoo Associations in the USA, Val has managed to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry.  She has both attended and been involved in the American Education and Trainers' Seminars and has written articles for various publications. Val is a certified member, approved trainer, Board Member and Education Chairperson of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) USA and is regularly invited to speak and to demonstrate her techniques at Professional Conferences, particularly in regards to Medical Tattoo procedures. Val was the first practitioner to be appointed as the International Ambassador for The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, and was elected on the Editorial Board for the American Academy of Micropigmentation. Recognising the importance of maintaining a high standard within the industry in Australia, Val organises yearly workshops for Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioners in Australia, inviting leading International Educators from the USA to teach advanced techniques and theory.


In 1990, Val expanded the treatments offered in her clinic to include Cosmetic Tattoo Camouflage, beginning with the implanting of colour to recreate Areolas and Nipples for those breast cancer survivors having had breast reconstruction. Since then, Val has performed numerous camouflage treatments on scars resulting from surgery and injury on most parts of the body.
In 1992, Val’s constant drive to develop her skills led her to learn a procedure called M.C.A (Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation), also known as needling. This process involves using the Tattoo Machine – without pigment – to activate the body's own Collagen, ‘plumping’ up Wrinkles. M.C.A. can also be used for Scar Relaxation, flattening, relaxing and reducing the tightness and thickness of scars. In some cases, colour can be restored on the white areas of scars without using pigment colour.
Over the years, Val has established an excellent working relationship with Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists, General Practitioners, Dental Surgeons and Beauty Therapists throughout both Australia and the rest of the world.


Val’s experiences have made her a
- 2013: Industry Leader Award from the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), for exemplifying the true spirit of membership, fellowship and generosity in the permanent cosmetics industry. 
- 2012: Val was the first person to be inducted into The Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA) Hall of Fame, in recognition of those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Beauty Industry throughout their career.  
- 2005: Award in recognition and appreciation of the valuable contribution to the APAA and the Australian Aesthetic Industry. 
- 2003: Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) in recognition of the Achievement of Excellence in the Practice and Instruction of Cosmetic Tattooing and the promotion of the Highest Professional Standards of Micropigmentation around the world.  
- 2001: Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia National Salon Excellence Awards awarded and recognized Val for services to the industry.  
- 1992: Award of Excellence from Image Industry Council International, USA, for outstanding contribution to the Image Industry in Australia.

speaker for University Courses, Medical Conferences, Beauty Shows, Beauty Schools, Women’s Groups and Cancer and Alopecia Support Groups throughout the country. Val has been interviewed on radio and also appeared on National Television many times in programmes such as Good Morning Australia, A Current Affair, Only Human, Foxtel's TVSN, The Midday Show, What’s Cooking, Body Work and Morning with Kerri-Anne.sought after
Despite Val’s many professional achievements, she continues to perform treatments and to teach the art of Cosmetic Tattoo in a
full time capacity. Her training schools are held nearly every month, around which she treats an average of seven clients daily, 5 days a week, both in Sydney and interstate locations, putting a smile on thousands of very happy, satisfied clients.